Prevention and treatment of blemishes.

With my help, you can treat face and body blemishes with certified and natural treatments.
My intervention guarantees you four fundamental aspects for your safety and wellbeing.


The products I use are clinically tested and they comply with the highest quality standards on the market.


None of the proposed treatments will change your natural anatomy.


The treatments I use contain substances that are naturally produced by our body and they guarantee a correct hydration.


All the injectables are completely absorbed by our organism.


Local Adiposity – Cellulite – Capillaries

Lypolitic Mexotherapy

Via Lypolitic Mexotherapy I treat local adiposities. I inject local pharmaceuticals, they promote the eliminations of surplus liquids, they have a detoxifying action for your organism, they melt fat pads and improve the dermal tone.

Tested products
High Quality Standards

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal with LightSheer®DESIRE™ issues laser at a pitch of 810nm . In this way, I reach the hair follicle up to the hair bulb region where the light of the laser is absorbed and causes the thermal necrosis which leads to the fall of the hair. The result is a long-lasting hair removal without chafing, contrary to traditional methods.

Thank to LightSheer®DESIRE™, number of needed treatments is only about 5 (on average).

Any chafing or dermatitis after the treatment

Pain-level is reduced to the minimum
Long-lasting results

Medical Revitalization

Revitalization increases body elasticity and tonicity by remodeling body stretch marks. It is a useful approach for correcting blemishes caused by weight loss and postpartum.

Medical Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is the injection of a substance inside the capillary lumen. This substance closes the capillary in order to eliminate it thanks to a controlled inflammatory reaction generated around the area that we want to treat. Sclerotherapy is successfully used to treat varicose veins.

Medical Carboxytherapy

With Carboxytherapy CO2 is injected subcutaneously. The technique is safe: CO2 improves muscles tonicity and elasticity and promotes blood-circulation.

In addition, carboxytherapy has a fat melting action as it reactivates cellular metabolism and is useful in postpartum and where there is the unpleasant sensation of heavy legs.

Non-toxic Treatment
The CO2 used is bacteriologically sterile and does not cause embolisms
There is no evidence of side effects.

Scar therapy

I treat keloids and scars. These are caused by several factors, a scar can never be totally cured and cancelled, but it can be greatly improved, if rightly treated.

No scar is too old to be treated.
Use of different techniques depending on the type of scar/keloid

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, also called Strie Distensae, are real scars caused by the breaking of the elastic fibers found at the level of the dermis. A sudden weight loss, pregnancy or poor skin elasticity are the most common causes of this skin imperfection.

I offer many treatments that can be curative in the case of red stretch marks or ameliorative in the case of white stretch marks: the combination of different techniques enhances the final effect and the improvement or healing of these blemishes.

Acting when a stretch mark is still red gives the best aesthetic result.

Treatment of Hyperidrosis

Hyperhidrosis (better known as excessive sweating) of feet, hands and underarms is treated through the use of botulinum toxin, blocking the excessive activity of sweat glands. The result is lasting for 6 months.

Not recommended for pregnant women, women who are breast-feeding, subjects allergic to botulinum toxin, patients with muscle diseases.
No side effects
Guaranteed result
Minimal pain thanks to the use of an anaesthetic cream


Wrinkles – Spots – Acne – Face Volumes – Skin hydration and elasticity

Cutaneous Bio-revitalization

Cutaneous Bio-revitalization acts against aging processes. The technique includes the injection of specific products which provide the patient with a fresher look, giving new value to his/her face, neck and décolleté.

The products are completely re-absorbed

Biorevitalization with Wires

Biorevitalization or Biostimulation with wires is a technique that implies the application of wires in the face and body. This technique allows for an improvement in the proliferation of collagen, as well as for the support and stimulation of soft tissues. A soft-lifting effect is achieved with a very natural final result.

Medical Carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy used for treating the face area is an injection of CO2. Despite the public opinion, this is a non-toxic technique and improves muscles tonicity making them stronger. In addition, this technique facilitates blood circulation. The skin treated with this technique is stronger, compact and bright.

Non-toxic treatment
The CO2 used is bacteriologically sterile and does not cause embolisms
There is no evidence of side effects


Fillers contrast wrinkles thanks to the injection of hyaluronic acid. In addition, this acid allows to redefine face and lips shapes and to correct facial-asymmetry as naturally as possible.

It doesn’t change your face anatomy

Treatment with Botulinum

Botulinum toxin type A is a protein which use has been approved in the aesthetic medical field since 2002 for the temporary improvement of blemishes. Injected superficially at precise points, it reduces facial expression wrinkles. It lasts 4-6 months, at the end of which there is a restoration of the initial conditions. As it can cause side effects, you will be thoroughly informed about the related risks.

Effective against forehead wrinkles, glabellar lines, crow’s feet lines
Natural substance of bacterial origin
Remember to rely only on experienced injectors

Medical Peeling

Peeling stimulates exfoliation and consequent cell turnover. This leads to the production of collagen and elastin and the skin appears brighter, smoother younger. Depending on the type of peeling chosen and the depth of its action, wrinkles and skin discolorations can be eliminated. Useful for the treatment of sunspots and discoloration.


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